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{on a cloudy day}

The weather outside is dreary… even here in Maui we have our days like that as well. I’ve been thinking a lot about dark days and bright nights… last night was the full moon after all.  The moon unusually large and full illuminated a path for me on my drive home last night.  It looked weak almost; not it’s usual white self shining brightly, instead a dull copper-orange… made me think it was trying it’s hardest to shine despite the layers of sediment in the atmosphere.  That’s the way with things isn’t it… layers of sediment cloud the moon, or banks of clouds blanket the sky, making us feel disconnected in a way from the sun’s pure goodness.  It’s a story really.  In fact the sun always shines.  Sometimes tho, it simply doesn’t feel that way… like today.  I’m hanging on to the promise that the sun will shine again, burying myself in my studio… here amongst things familiar and beautiful, I’m able to keep in touch with a little part of myself that gives me energy while I wait for warm rays to return.

  • Gayle KushJanuary 29, 2013 - 5:59 am

    That striped border adds so much without being over the top. Another great quilt.

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