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Elements #15

In my shop today!

I realized that given the date that I made some of these quilts, they’ve never been seen here on this blog before!  What a kick! Today’s quilt is no exception; it’s a stunning take on the old block “courthouse steps.”  I created it in a similar fashion I make many of my quilts.  Strips of my own hand-dyed fabric is sewn together to form panels, then these new fabrics are cut up and sewn strip-by-strip into a square-within-a-square motif.  Finished in May, this quilt was really born in the winter months when cool blues are contrasted with warm yellows and golden browns.  It’s quilted with an overall grid quilt utilizing thick low-loft batting which makes it stand well against a wall.  Of course the binding is hidden and there is also a generous sleeve on the back for hanging.  It was number 15 in my Elements series and can be purchased here in my Etsy shop.

Elements #15 measures 33″ x 43″ img_7374I’ve been having fun going down memory lane looking at these quilts again!  I am remembering what it was like to be in such a creative stage in my life and I’m thrilled to be finally making these public!  Stay tuned for more offerings in my shop!

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