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Elements #14


img_7226In my shop today is a cheerful quilt that is likely to brighten up any day!  Made as part of a series, Elements #14 contains many of my beautiful hand-dyed fabrics cut and pieced improv style!  This one was very popular on flickr and still today it is one of my highest liked quilts!  The breakthrough for me in this piece is the ability to join many different blocks of differing sizes. I really like how this piece brightens up a room and every time I look at it I appreciate something new.  As I say in my description on Etsy, this quilt would be perfect for a playroom or a child’s room, however if you appreciate color like I do, this quilt has the sophistication for any room in the house!img_7419

I’m having so much fun posting about these quilts!  I’ve got many more planned to sell and will likely stick to my goal of posting one a day!  If there is a quilt that you would like to see for sale, please let me know!  I’d love to hear from you!

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