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Elements #11

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This was a fun one!  Back in 2009, I partnered with Gail Baar to create a year’s worth of quilts, exploring different motifs.  Our birthdays are the same day in early January.  That year I found myself ready to start something new and exciting!  I stumbled upon her blog and saw that she was working in a style similar to mine, so I contacted her and made the pitch to come along with me to create a few quilts!  Our arrangement lasted a whole year and as you can see that work served as a springboard for subsequent work!

The quilt inspired by this assignment was to create a quilt utilizing a strip format.  It was exciting to see what we each came up with as her quilts were similar yet very different from mine.  This was #11 in my Element’s series and it helped me get to #14 which I posted about yesterday.

This quilt measures 35″ x 46″ and can be found here!  Cheers!


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