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Elements #9

In my shop today, Elements #9!

Ever since I could remember, I wanted to make a quilt using buttery yellows and creamy neutrals.  At one point I had an embarrassing large collection of commercial fabrics all in golden tones.  My dyeing was no exception. To make this quilt, I dyed yards and yards of fabric.  You wouldn’t know it by looking at this one, but I wanted to capture that mellow yellow feeling that one gets with sitting in a hammock on a warm summer afternoon.  I was making this because it was early February, the warmth and excitement of the holidays had passed and the rainy season brought a damp chill to our house.  I wanted to insert something sunny and refreshing into my life.  I remember feeling stuck and it was something that Gail and I talked about as we created quilts side-by-side that year.  I wasn’t liking the colors and I admitted to feeling a little drab. I sent her a quote on tenacity that I sometime refer to when I’m feeling creatively clogged, and she told me sometimes you have to just finish a piece before you can decide if it’s right or not.  After posting teaser pictures of this quilt, I got a lot of very nice comments!  Over the years the association of that cold damp rainy season has faded and this quilt now reminds me of my original inspiration… sunshine.  If you are interested, please come check it out at my Etsy Shop!

Elements #9 measures  34.5″ x 43″

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