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january 22, 2017

We are still in the process of installing that wire rail on the decks on the front of the house.  This type of coconut wood is not only an extremely dense wood, but it was also pressure treated and kiln dried which makes it an extremely strong wood.  Drilling into it has been a bit of an issue.  We learned early on not to use the cheap drill bits.  Only titanium bits will do here.  We also learned not to let the bit get too hot, otherwise the metal is quick to snap.  The drilling must be done slowly and methodically, and when drilling long holes its important to keep the angle constant… ahem… that was the lesson today.  Within five minutes our longest drill bit snapped!  Ugh!  When you are two hours away from the nearest hardware store, situations like this tend to be inconvenient, to say the least and I was really hoping to finish this project today.  Oh well.So we changed tasks. We were told that after the house is completed we have to put one last coat of finish on the exposed wood.  As it is, we simply can’t wait; this house faces due east and is very close to the ocean, the front is exposed not only to the rising sun, but also salty air blown in by the wind.  With that in mind we started the process of lightly sanding the front decks and applying a coat of Cetol Dek Finish.

Inside another layer of finish was being applied to the bedrooms.  That makes four coats!  That’s a lot of work! It’s simply stunning how beautiful these floors are turning out and I’m hoping all this work done now will save us work in years to come. 

On another deck, work was being done on a set of stairs which were installed after we left.  The wood is Ipe.  We chose it because these stairs will be exposed to sun and rain and Ipe has a good reputation for standing against the elements.  Our builder is doing such a nice job on the finish, I like to think we have the most beautiful set of stairs in Hana!  I’ll show you a completed pic when I get one. 

Someone, I don’t know who, left this pretty set of furniture on our front deck when we weren’t around.  If you are that person, I’d like to thank you!  Hana is like that sometimes… the kindness of people is real here.  There is a genuine sweetness to the community  and I think it comes with living in such a beautiful place.  

Even today, when the wind was gusty and the ocean was turbulent there was beauty all around.  It was a day where we could hear the waves crashing against the shore from inside the house.  The power of nature was on my mind. I was afraid those thick grey clouds would open up and dump all over our newly painted wood, but at least for today, the weather cooperated.  On our way home we were treated to raging waterfalls and churning streams of water.  I’m going to bed tonight thankful for such amazing builders who work tirelessly on our Hana home, and for a thoughtful neighbor who gave me a place to enjoy my tea. I’m thrilled to have accomplished a long planned task with Jamey, my partner in all this nonsense.  Finally, I’m reminded we live in a sometimes thunderous planet which if anything, keeps things exciting! 

  • jennyJanuary 27, 2017 - 9:29 am

    such a gorgeous place to call home

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