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Class Quilt Update

I wanted to give you a brief update on that class quilt I posted about earlier because I had absolutely no idea it would go down like this!  My friend, the teacher contacted me last night super excited to tell me the news.  She met with the musher and was able to see some of the dogs as well as others in the community gathered for this event.  I don’t know exactly how it came out, but it turns out that at least two of the people there know of me and my work!  They read the blog and are collectors to boot!  I’ve always known that I have readers all over the world but to make a connection like this is amazing and without a doubt I am so grateful when it happens. I started this blog to make connections with people, to share a little about myself and to inspire people to work like I do.  I am so honored and touched that in a place as far away as Alaska (which couldn’t be more different than Hawaii, I might add), there are people there who appreciate what I do.  The musher I’m told is grateful for the quilt and my friend is thrilled to be on this magical trip.  I’m happy that I was able to play a role in helping her get there!  It just goes to show; you never know what will happen next! Cheers!  P.S. Good luck Mr. Musher! Don’t crash 😉

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