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Our Little Trip to Japan – Part 1

Recently we went on a trip to Japan!  It was our fist time and it was amazing!  Growing up in Hawaii, I’ve always been exposed to the Japanese culture due to the large population of Japanese Americans living here, so much of this seemed somewhat familiar to me.  The crowds tho, oh boy those crowds, were massive; I had never seen so many people before!  I could not have imagined how immense these cities are and despite being warned, nothing could have prepared me for the amount of people we saw. I’ve been to crowded cities before, and there is usually chaos, but not here.  These throngs of people exist peacefully; everywhere we traveled the fruits of respect, consideration and tradition were apparent. We always felt completely safe.

There were several nights at traditional Ryokans and long leisurely baths in the onsens.  Everyday was a feast for our senses. One of the highlights was actually a matter of serendipity.  When we travel, we are good to only plan a day or two ahead. In the evenings we would open our book and ask ourselves where we wanted to go the next day.  One day we found ourselves in Nagoya and on that day we visited the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology. To our surprise, the car manufacturing company we all know as Toyota, got it’s humble beginnings in the fiber industry!  Yes folks! They got their start manufacturing machines utilized in the spinning of thread, and weaving cloth.  If you ever have the chance to travel here, I cannot encourage you enough to see this place because we were mesmerized.  Many of these machines are fully functional and production of thread and cloth continue today. There were enough signs in english to make us feel informed and each station had a guide who in limited english explained to us how the machines functioned. I leave you with more pictures from this museum.  Tomorrow I’ll write about my trip to the birthplace of Shibori!

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