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Gratitude for a Home

One of the things I’m so grateful for is that our children grew up in a place where they could be kids.  The boys loved tromping around in the yard, doing things that boys loved to do!  Jamey built a tree fort around one of the trees in the back and occasionally I would catch them perched up there carrying about in an unencumbered fashion.   At one point we installed a zip line that ran from this fort to the yard below.  The kids would zip down at speeds that made me nervous but nobody ever got hurt.  It was as if they too appreciated having this space to expand that they tested the limits but never went to far. Those boys were silly, they were fun… at times the mother in me would worry about that random bird or my laying chickens, but thankfully these boys spared them.  Here now, years later our boys are gentle, kind young men and I cannot help but be thankful to have lived in a place where they were free to explore and thrive as only young wild boys know how.

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