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Gratitude for a Home

This may look like a scene from “Sanford and Son” but to me it’s sheer beauty. This was our make-shift kitchen for nine-months while our real kitchen was being worked on.  I remember not caring if a drink was spilled or crumbs fell, the promise of this place was that someday my dream kitchen would be a reality.  I did my best to decorate and keep things warm and cozy, with candles, banners and tiny quilts on the wall.  We had everything one needed to cook, serve and eat meals!  There was a part of me that did not want to leave this space because our life in our garage was simple and easy but time marched on and we did indeed shift back into our house.  I’m grateful to have had such a wonderful set up during renovations!  It was a refreshing step out of our ordinary lives!

  • DianeMay 17, 2017 - 10:04 am

    I am touched by your gratitude for a home series. My husband and I have decided to move from our home that we love. It is not ‘old person’ friendly particularly in winter. However, now that it is spring we are enjoying our beautiful, private yard and having second thoughts. Your recent series is a lesson in how to be grateful, release it and move on. Thank you!
    Diane in Madison

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