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Gratitude for a Grad – “Little Man”

I’m a little late with this one, but really, I have until September to finish it.  Our son graduated from High School recently and this fall he will be headed away to begin the next phase in his life.  It’s at moments like this that I want time to stand still just for a short while so that I can take it all in.  Of course it seemed like only yesterday that this little one was tagging along his big brother, making a fort out of couch cushions or asking for a puppy.

He used to go through his days stuffing little things in his pockets, so much so that I remember I had to check his shorts before I did laundry.  I found things like stones, marbles, legos… the tire of a hot wheel, green army plastic guy… string.  When he got a little older he used to marathon read chapter books with his younger sister. They would patiently wait their turn when a new book came into the house, handing it over and politely not divulging the plot.  Older still and it was all about the sports.  We went through soccer, hockey, basketball, track, cross country, football, paddling and now his favorite, surfing.  It’s been a joy raising this one!  And now it’s done.  So to celebrate, I’ve decided to make him a quilt!  Like the one I made for his brother on his graduation from High School, I’m using old aloha shirts that once belonged to his dad and my father.  I’ll certainly throw in some of my hand-dyed fabrics and maybe even scraps from my scrubs.  I want to infuse into this quilt memories of our family, believing the scraps hold some sort of magic within the weave, hoping somehow to create a quilt that will protect him as he travels away. It’s bittersweet really. I’m both sad to have him go but excited to see what’s next! I couldn’t be more proud of the young man he’s become, and I know in my heart (and maybe he would agree) he will always be my little man!


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