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After the storm

It’s been said that it takes a storm to make a rainbow and that analogy couldn’t have been more true for life as I know it lately.  Thank you dear readers for your concern; I don’t plan on being away for so long again!

To put it simply, we moved.  As with any real estate transaction here on Maui, you never know when it will happen so pretty much for the past year, maybe longer, we’ve been hopeful that not only we could sell the big house but also buy a smaller house more suited to our needs and closer to work.  It all came together this summer and thankfully we are happy as can be in our new home!The house is the perfect blend of unassuming simplicity and quality attention to detail.  We were fortunate enough to get this restored (and improved) white house with a wrap around deck and tall ceilings.  The house sits on a half-acre parcel and is surrounded by rich vegetation and a grove of avocado trees. At night, when the noise dies down, we are lulled to sleep by the sound of water moving down the river. Downsizing was not easy, it never is, but the reality of becoming empty-nesters is approaching and our lives sorely needed to hit the “reset” button.  All this is to say I’ve not been making quilts, I’ve not had time or space to create and I am woefully behind on all those yummy quilts I’m itching to gift-away!  We have plans to build a proper studio but I’m guessing we are six months away from that reality.  Not to worry; I’ve got plenty to keep my busy until then.Work on the Hana house took a break while we were in the throws of moving and now we are back at it!
The kitchen has been installed however these cabinets are way too tall.  The Balinese people are not known for their height so were all puzzled when they got hung.  We are considering tiling the walls which would make sense in the kitchen.  At that time I guess we will make a decision about lowering the cabinets.  I have yet to pick out tile for the floor, but the subfloor has been installed and it feels solid!
Meanwhile, our beloved beautiful bathtub sits on the screened lanai waiting to be installed.  It’s all about sequence with this project.  First we need to tile the bathroom then we can set it in place.  What needs to be done after that is plumbing and electricity… easy peasy… ahem.  With all the issues with building a home, raising teens, moving to a new house and our usual day-to-day madness, it’s easy to get caught up in the turmoil.  I’m reminded tho almost on a daily basis that I am surrounded by beauty and love. As we were leaving our Hana home we stopped by Koki beach, where the island ‘Alau is visible along with hundreds of swarming seabirds called ‘iwa. The sight is always captivating and we bounced in the waves like kids.  Out here it doesn’t matter that our last child will be leaving us soon, that we’ve been working on our Hana home for years now with no end in sight, that I haven’t picked up a rotary cutter in ages or that I don’t look as good in this swimsuit as I used to… certainly my DH doesn’t mind.  What matters is that life goes on.  I plan to attend a Halloween party tonight in a last-minute costume that has yet to be determined, after that I’ll get to that tile, shower, garage… care packages for the boys… so much to tend to.  I am looking forward to decorating for the holidays! What are you looking forward to these days?



  • Izzie elliottNovember 25, 2017 - 10:50 am

    Aloha e Robin,
    Yeah! A new house….looks like Iao Valley?

    If you or anyone you,know wants to join me in Sisters, Oregon this summer….I’m renting a 3 bedroom condo nearby. Time to feel the local vibe.
    Come and join me.

    Relax blessing in your new home,
    Elizabeth Elliott
    Or Izzie…my Oregon name

  • robinOctober 31, 2017 - 7:59 pm

    I agree Diane! This phase of life is so exciting! I know exactly what you mean by getting your house in order! Cheers!

  • DianeOctober 31, 2017 - 4:24 pm

    You new house looks great! We moved this summer as welll. I am just now starting to quilt again after five months off. It feels great to be in my new studio! This is mixed with getting our living space in order. I’m looking forward to all three of my sons coming home for Christmas with girlfriends. Much to do before then, but I can hardly wait. Such a treat to have everyone together.
    Diane in Madison

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