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January 2018 – Hana House Update

Last time I updated this blog I talked about the tile.  We ordered this beautiful honed glass tile for the kitchen and so far so good! The cabinets will be dropped a few inches because they simply are too high to make use of.  I’m liking how this tile looks.  Its clean and understated.  It reminds me of beach glass sanded smooth by waves and sand.   I have in mind to replace those knobs with gold ones to match the faucet which is a lovely champagne bronze.  Having the light gold knobs and that rich reddish wood will really make this place look warm and inviting. 

Meanwhile, in the bathrooms, work is being done on the flooring.  One of the bathrooms will have a shower and the other a tub. Working with a single-walled house built of coconut wood is sometimes tricky.  That floor pan for the shower doesn’t sit entirely against the wall.  In the corner is a rounded post which is essential for that part of the house.  Work will be done to build up one wall so that a perfect corner can be created for the shower to sit in.  It’s a little complicated but this is really a good thing.  Because the kitchen is on the other side of that wall, we could use some of that space to make it so the oven fits in it’s space.  We’re talking inches but it really does make a difference.

I feel like I couldn’t be more blessed to have people available who are strong and like a good challenge.  This tub was not easy to move into this bathroom!  For a long time I wondered weather or not it would even fit through the doorway.  Thankfully it did and with some creative thinking, much like the Egyptians did when building the pyramids, my peeps were able to shift this heavy piece carefully into this space.  The tile for the bathrooms is a greenish river-rock mosaic, which again, speaks to the blues and greens found by the shore.  I’m loving how this is turning out and with the gold fixtures this room will be luxurous!  Taking a warm tub bath in this room will someday be a treat after a long day of play in the sun!

Finally, I hear through the grapevine that our landscaper wants to replace the taro hedge in the front with variegated ti.  I’m so-so about the change as I’ve grown partial to the taro.  I can see why he is going in this direction; the hedge will provide a more solid wall of protection for privacy and the ti plant grows to a nice 4-5′ in height.  I’ll have to talk with him about moving the taro to another part of the property where it will continue to remind me of the beauty of Hawaii and it’s people.

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